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20 of the Creepiest Places on Earth

Places can be creepy for a lot of reasons, whether it’s a terrifying history, ominous architecture, or the eerie sense of unease that comes from simply having been abandoned. Yet that doesn’t stop any of us from finding creepy old places fascinating, and the adventurer in all of us is always thinking about checking them out in person because, really, we’ve all got to die sometime, right? Here are some of the most terrifying places on earth, in case you’re looking for a few locations to taunt death in the near future.


Island of the Dolls – Mexico

Old, battered dolls are inherently creepy, so it’s no surprise that the Island of Dolls, located near Mexico City, ranks right up there among the freakiest places on earth since thousands of the dolls are hanging from trees, covering virtually the entire island in horror.


Winchester House – California

Looking at it from the outside the Winchester Mystery House looks like a relatively normal old mansion, but the former residence of gun magnate William Winchester was believed by his widow, Sarah, to be haunted by the victims of his guns so she just kept building bizarre doors and stairs to nowhere to try to keep the ghosts from finding her.


Leap Castle – Ireland

Located in Ireland, Leap Castle is home to a bloody history of executions and violent rivalries, and to this day is thought to be haunted, thanks in large part to the discovery of a pit full of spikes and human remains by a team of renovators not too long ago.

Matsuo Mine used to be a huge, bustling sulfur mine before being abandoned, and now if you ever wanted to try to check it out for yourself you’d be met with a giant wall of mist that constantly hides it from view, making it look like the scariest ghost town ever.


Centralia – Pennsylvania

Located in central Pennsylvania, Centralia is basically Hell opening up on earth and trying to swallow an entire town – or specifically, it’s a mine fire that’s been burning since 1962 and left the town almost entirely abandoned and looking like a cut scene from the video game Silent Hill, which makes sense since Centralia is one of the inspirations for that game.


Chateau Miranda – Belgium

This long abandoned castle in the Ardennes region of Belgium has a long history that makes it ripe for rumors of hauntings, as it served as an orphanage all the way until 1980, and let’s be honest, there’s not much more terrifying than huge, gothic orphanages that have long since been abandoned.


Takakonuma Greenland Park – Japan

In addition to having one of the most difficult names to spell on this list, Takakonuma Greenland Park is an abandoned amusement park in Japan, and is so freaking creepy that you half expect to see Scooby Doo and the gang chasing ghosts there and nailing Old Man Carruthers as the fraud that he is.


Discovery Island – Florida

It’s amazing to think that hidden in the Magic Kingdom of Disneyworld in Florida, there’s a creepy, abandoned section hidden in plain view – Discovery Island, formerly known as Treasure Island, which has been shut down since 1999 and overtaken by nature.


Candido Godoi – Brazil

On the surface, Candido Godoi seems like a fairly normal Brazilian town, until you look around and realize that it’s absolutely swarming with twins to the extent that there are rumors that a Nazi geneticist actually fled there after the war and started experimenting on the local population to trigger this phenomenon.

Jatinga, a small town in India, has become infamous over the years for being the site of what appeared to be mass bird suicides, with hundreds and even thousands of birds seemingly killing themselves at the same time every year, though now it’s a little less creepy since it’s pretty much certain that the villagers are the ones killing them, making it the creepiest place to visit for birds, at least.

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