A Haunted Tunnel in Ontario?

I haven’t seen this tunnel myself and I’m skeptical about anything being haunted. Still, having a history like this isn’t going to leave a place unmarked, or unremarked upon. Any old train tunnel is going to be dark and too many are unused these days. Not all of them have children crushed by rocks and trains colliding into each other. Probably most of them have injuries (maybe even deaths) in the area during their original construction. Either way, exploring a dark, unused tunnel, is going to feel a little creepy. Bring a flashlight and something to scare away animals.

This is from a post which was on TripSavvy. The link is broken and the post isn’t on the site now.

The Blue Ghost Tunnel has garnered a cult following due to its terrifying reputation making it one of the most haunted places to visit around Niagara Falls. Built in 1876, the railroad was designed to connect Thorold to Merritton but it was only used for a little over 35 years. Hundreds of men poured their blood, sweat, and tears into the construction of the tunnel and in the process, there were a number of deathly accidents.

Just a year before the construction wrapped up a 14-year-old boy was crushed to death by a boulder. In 1903, two trains collided resulting in the death of both conductors. In total, 107 men died during the construction of both the tunnel and canal in the area.

It’s said that the tunnel isn’t haunted by just one ghost but that a host of paranormal activity takes place there. The tunnel got its name from the regular spotting of a blue mist in photographs taken by thrill seekers. It’s also said that a ghost dog patrols the entrance to the tunnel. If you’re looking for a thrill this Halloween season, it’s only a short drive to the next attraction.

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