I want to know everything. Knowing I’m not immortal to see the future, or able to create a time machine to look at the past and the future… bothers me. How can I ever be satisfied when there is so much I don’t know! 

Of course, the more I find out about the more I want to know. Knowledge is bottomless, endless and I will run out of time long before I run out of viable brain matter, and that bugs me.

The future is out there. I can see some of it, imagine more of it. I look at what we have and try to deduce what will come. Without immorality or a time machine, that’s the best I can do.

History is alive in our words, our traditions, our beliefs and our lifestyle.

Green Living History is about retro science, utopias, spirituality, traditions, the pioneering spirit, the paranormal, science fiction, survivalist theories, folk tales and vintage ideas.

I enjoy history. But, so many people think it is dull when you present it as a topic of conversation. I think they are assuming history is all about long winded tomes in the library under attack by dust bunnies and cobwebs. History is right now, each second passes into history. History is how we can see into the future.

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