Could Ontario Have Lake Monsters?

Few people haven’t heard and considered an opinion about the Loch Ness Monster in Scotland. So far there isn’t any concrete evidence, not enough that I fully believe there is something in that very deep lake. But, I don’t not believe either. After all, why couldn’t there be something not yet found or not yet proved.

What about all the lakes in Ontario? What might be in those lakes, other than the usual fish and plant life.

Fast forward a couple of years to 2010. Brian Smith of Indiana was in Olcott filming the Lake Ontario Pro-Am Salmon Team Tournament Series for his program “Angling the Great Lakes.” After filming out of Wilson and Olcott, it was time to relax at the cabin he was staying at in Olcott. It was going to be a beautiful sunset as he sipped on a beverage in the back yard, next to the lake. There was no wind. As he looked to the north, he could see a small wake being made by something in the water. He spotted a serpent-like head sticking up with a long body trailing as it maneuvered through the water. Whatever it was, it was more than 10 feet in length. It took a moment to register as he wondered what the heck it was. …

As he told the story while visiting with communities along the lake, there was one secondhand account that was told when he was in Oswego. Apparently, there was a diver who was inspecting large water intakes off a power plant there – a task that must be performed regularly. On one inspection, the diver witnessed something too scary to describe. A huge creature that startled him and created a personal panic. He vowed never to enter the waters of Lake Ontario again with his scuba gear on.Could there be unexplained animals lurking in Lake Ontario? It does have direct access to the ocean through the St. Lawrence Seaway and through the Hudson River and the Erie Canal.

Source: What lurks beneath the waters of Lake Ontario? – Outdoornews