Hug a Writer Day January 24th (Revival)

The original site was a link I turned up while editing at Dmoz, in Writers Resources. A company in Toronto had bought the domain, Someone still has it but the site is gone. This is what I salvaged of the original content (using the Wayback Machine). However, there was another Hug a Writer event, not connected to this site or this date.


The Wayback Machine kept 4 archives of the site. This was the text from the last update the site had, in 2013. There were 5 annual events before they gave up the ghost.

Welcome to the fifth annual Hug-A-Writer Day! This new Canadian holiday (which, oddly, still isn’t endorsed by the Canadian government) celebrates all writers, those men and women who overcome a blank page or screen—and isn’t that worth a hug? This year, why not send out our Hug-A-Writer Day e-card? Get it here!

“Writers use the same words as other people. They just use them in a different order.”

– SCRIPT staff

Welcome to Hug-A-Writer Day!

Why January 24th? Well, do we need reminding that January is crying out for a holiday? Here in Canada, every other month has one – why not January? And surprise! January 24th is the saint’s day of Francis de Sales, patron saint of writers. Visitors to our site last year may recall that St. Francis died horribly when his poorly informed* doctors tried to cure his coma with red hot irons.
So… enjoy Hug-A-Writer Day! And don’t forget to send this year’s greeting to everyone you know.

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