The Hand Drawn Map Association is Archived

Sorry to see it closed. I loved the idea. I still draw the odd map, long hand. None of mine seem important enough to post though.

Map Your Neighbourhood – There is a guide to drawing your own local, neighbourhood map, as a project.

In summary:

Start with landmarks you remember in your neighbourhood. Just make note of them before you begin drawing. Then add landmarks, streets, and features you remember after a walk around. Create a draft of your map adjusting, adding, and detailing more as you go along. Consider things which seem unimportant, the stuff you pass by everyday. What would visitors to the area want to know about. Add in public transit, waterways (if any), side streets, etc. Remake the map as needed, or not.

You can buy the book created by Kris Harzinski, The Hand Drawn Map Association, with the best or most popular hand drawn maps.
The Hand Drawn Map Association of Canada – Maybe it will go somewhere.