Why Do I Like Exploring Old Houses?

“Don’t blink. Don’t turn your back and don’t look away.” Quoted from Doctor Who.

I love Doctor Who. The stone angels episode is still my favourite for downright creepy. In spite of seeing it half a dozen times I still half crawl out of my skin at the scenes in the old house. Ironic, considering I photograph old, abandoned houses and never feel anything creepy in any of them. The worst that has happened was the time I think I stepped on a toad. (I’m still hoping I didn’t).

Animals are a challenge with exploring old houses and abandoned buildings and sites in general. I’ve been attacked by a swarm of wild honeybees, chased by all kinds of birds (from hummingbirds to turkey vultures) and cautiously walked around deep holes in the ground belonging to animals I didn’t want to see in person. People don’t give me a problem about walking around. Most are just curious. Some have given me background and history about the location, which I always appreciate hearing. The odd time someone questioned my motives, at those times I discovered the place I was photographing was derelict but not actually abandoned. It happens. People can live in a run down house and still call it home.

 What makes an old house seem creepy to you?

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